Barista Café and Entertainment Event Space

A Relaxing Café Space for Employees

Our client, like many post the pandemic, wish to evolve their office spaces to provide a flexible and harmonious environment for their employees to eat, socialise and collaborate with one another on an informal basis. As a business with experience in creating such spaces, we relished the opportunity to take on this project. With a fully working and stocked Barista café that serves breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks and complete with British modern furniture and design-led lighting, this café space was truly a joy to bring to life. Utilising eco-friendly materials and sourcing British branded products, we’re very proud of the final product that is now being enjoyed by our client. The bespoke kitchen units sourced in Essex, and the commercial grade catering equipment, was all sourced in-house from our extensive supplier contacts. The ‘Yoghurt Pot’ worktop is made from recycled plastics and gives a completely bespoke finish with every length – so the design is always unique. Our team of highly skilled trades constructed all elements of the Barista Bar, including the lighting box and corrugated frontage for added flair.


A Flexible Event & Entertainment Venue

Another key component to the space, was the flexibility that was required by our client. The space, with its large oval windows and open plan layout, is perfect for events and social gathering. The incorporation of cutting-edge AV and baffle ceiling to enhance acoustics, was paramount. It was also critical that such additions did not detract from the overall design aesthetic, and instead should complement it. With the use of decorative acoustic tiles and subtle lighting changes, the space feels open yet intimate.


Relaxation and Parents Room

Another aspect of this project was to incorporate a parents room and a relaxation room. Both of these spaces were created to allow a private and calming space for nursing parents, as well as flexible room for reflection or other function appropriate to modern office requirement. Both the spaces included integrated fridges, plumbing and sheer curtains for privacy.