Communication Through Design

When it comes to creating proposals for a project, communicating design ideas can be challenging, especially if everyone involved isn’t familiar with how architectural and technical drawings are presented.

By utilising 3D CAD software and real-time rendering, our team can evaluate a space and explore multiple design options in a very short timeframe. This helps us to present clear ideas to clients and allows them to see the space as if it were occupied and in use. All this works to give a sense of scale, as well as giving the client an insight into the finished look and feel of the project.

A proposal may change several times during the initial design as requirements are adjusted and ideas exchanged between designer and client. Having an in-house design team means that third parties aren’t involved, so communication is faster and more efficient as video calls and screen-sharing can be utilised to work through any issues that may arise.

The 3D software we use gives our design team the ability to share visualisations and even carry out real-time walkthroughs with clients to enable them to see a variety of options or explore a particular aspect of the design. Providing this context is a key element of our design process and is yet another benefit of our collaborative work-ethic.

We’re always looking for ways to deliver more value for our clients and clear communication is just one of the ways we do that.