Earth Day 2021 – Restore Our Earth

According to the official website, the theme for Earth Day this year is ‘Restore Our Earth’ – with a focus on using natural processes, encouraging green technologies and being innovative in the way we can think about restoring the world’s ecosystem. Respect for the planet and our natural environment has always been a key priority for our business, with Director Adam English currently studying for his NEBOSH Environmental Management qualification, we are taking strides not only in our own organisation, but with our clients as well.

We have long been a champion for using greener technology – whether that be heat recovery, Lossnay air systems within an office refurbishment, or helping clients with their ESOS accreditations. Our wider team always looks for new materials, processes or technologies that can help our clients with their own green agenda. Specialising in iconic or heritage buildings, this can sometimes be a challenge – but through the years we have managed to identify key things that our client’s can do within their building that makes a difference. In previous projects we have installed a specialist solar film that absorbs natural heat and energy from the sun to keep an office environment warm – whilst also preventing loss of artificial heat through M&E systems; meaning a lower energy bill and a lower carbon footprint.

There are always way we can improve as a business, and we constantly look to our own environmental management system to see how we can improve. In the coming year, we are moving to electric fleet vehicles, only working with suppliers that are sustainable and lowering our waste to landfill to net zero. Sometimes in our industry it’s easy to become complacent about environmental standards, but when our ‘Green’ ethos is strong, communicated to everyone and constantly under review we can always make improvements.

This Earth Day, all our staff across our sites and head office, will be given a ‘Toolbox Talk’ on the continued importance of ensuring we have an environmentally friendly work processes and ethos – with an emphasis on sustainability and innovation. We’ll also be detailing our plans for what we want to tackle in the coming year.

If you’d like to discuss what steps you can take within your business to help lower your carbon footprint, or what new technologies we can implement for you, please contact us via our website.

Happy Earth Day 2021!