Enterprise Chambers Front of House Refurbishment

Working with a new client, we had the great pleasure of completely refurbishing the ground floor of a Barrister’s chambers within the prestigious Old Square of Holborn. Completing modernising, and incorporating a sleek and sophisticated design, we revitalised the historical building to be contemporary but also respecting and emphasising its heritage past.

Our client wanted to create a modern, inviting, and professional workspace that could be used for both meetings, hosting clients and events – whilst also being a comfortable and functional working space the management and clerks of the Barristers.

It was essential that we updated the electrical and data connectivity of the space, as well as incorporating innovative technology and AV in their new boardroom. We collaborated closely with our client on the design aesthetic, and as a business we are beyond thrilled with the final product.


All projects evolve as they continue, and by incorporating modern glass folding walls to their boardroom, we have double the potential space for future events and conferences that our client may wish to host. The use of heritage inspired paint colours, alongside contemporary wall papers – we ‘tipped a nod’ to the past, whilst also incorporating a cutting-edge design perspective.

Enterprise Chamber Administrator, Tracey Collins said;

“From the onset the project was faced with numerous restraints imposed by both the local heritage planning department and the landlord.   Sorrel exhibited a flexibility in their working practice in order to ensure completion on time.  The workforce on site were exemplary supported by a professional management team that were both accommodating and supportive.

Quite simply, Sorrel is a professional company who deliver quality of work and great customer service.”


The challenges of working in an historic building are always evident – we never know what we could encounter and trying to make such a space functionable as a working office with all the technological necessities can be a challenge. On occasions you a working in spaces that constructed with original materials, in traditional methods – so you are constantly problem solving to make the end product as close as possible to our client’s vision. The benefit of our years of experience of working in historical buildings, means we can overcome such problems with our understanding about what can and cannot be achieved.

As a business we are particularly proud of what we have achieved at Enterprise Chambers, in terms of design, finish and connectivity, and feel our close working relationship with the client has been a privilege. We hope to work with them again in the future.