International Women’s Day

At Sorrel we believe in championing women’s achievements, especially in a predominantly male industry, we spoke with two of our head office team about their thoughts on working in the construction industry.

Tracy English is the HR and Business Development Director at Sorrel. Tracy has come from a background in helping businesses evolve as well as offering advice and avenues for employees to better develop their careers. “I’m very proud of all the avenues we have opened up for everyone at Sorrel, it’s integral to our culture that we encourage and support everyone, both men and women, to progress and diversify their careers. I feel very lucky that I work with my family in a successful business, but I also feel lucky that we are actively looking to empower women in this industry and to make it more attractive for women who want to consider working in a trade or in an office environment. I believe our generous and flexible stance on maternity leave and zero-tolerance attitude to sexual harassment and discrimination is also a unique selling point for our business. Our whole ethos is designed to encourage and support everyone to achieve their best.”


Danielle Potter is our Head of Procurement, she is responsible for sourcing materials and liaising with our suppliers to ensure everything we use is the best possible product. She is also the creative side of the business, working with other directors, site managers and clients on interior design themes. “I never thought about working in the construction industry, I assumed all the normal stereotypes would be true about workmen on site, and the possible frictions of them working with a woman – especially one that is younger than them. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sorrel has championed me in my role, placed a great deal of trust and confidence in my ability and allowed me to thrive. You can tell just from working here, that chauvinism is not part of their culture and wouldn’t be tolerated at all. It’s refreshing to see, and I hope it becomes the norm across the whole industry”.

In 2021, Sorrel will be working with more local colleges to try and actively recruit more young women into this industry sector, whether that be on site in a trade or at a managerial level or senior corporate level. We’re proud to celebrate International Women’s Day.

If you would like to work with us or would like to know more about a career in this industry, please visit our ‘Work with Us’ page to contact us.